Windsor Chair Project Progress

A Shave Horse – this is the holding tool that allows a craftsman to hold work in place with foot pressure while working it with hand tools.  This is a centuries-old method, but is the best way for holding small pieces which need to be moved frequently when being worked.

Shaving on the shave horse.

The egs have been turned on the lathe; the bow for the chair back as been shaped on the shave horse.

Shaping is quite a messy process.

The form for bending the bow after it has been steamed.

The after steaming, bending, and fixing it in place on the form.  Once dried, the wood will retain its shape.

The blank for the chair seat showing the sight lines used in the boring for the legs, bow, and spindles.  The sight lines allow me to bore a “compound angle” consisting of the splay (amount a leg extends outward from vertical) and its rake (the amount the leg extends from front to back).  

Shaping the seat with an inshave, also known as a scorp.

Once roughly shaped with the inshave, the seat is smoothed with a travisher.

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