Windsor Chair Project

As we near the completion of our Windsor Chair Project, we continue to work under the supervision of Chairmaker Pete Galbert.  It has been truly a pleasure and great experience to lean many new techniques for producing fine furniture in the tradition of centuries of craftsmen who have come before us.

Chair legs roughed out on the lathe.

After smoothing and “fairing” them with a spokeshave.

Gluiing up the undercarriage using Old Brown Glue; a liquid hide glue.

The undercarriage is completed.

Installing the undercarriage to the seat.

The bow is installed to test fit.

Boring holes for the spindles takes a steady hand and the ability to sight down the bow to the holes for the spindles.  It is critical that the holes have the correct amount of angle (both rake and splay) in order for the spindles to line up.  I decided to bore mine with an old-fashioned hand, or “egg-beater” drill as I have more control over the tool.

The spindles are faired with a spokeshave as well.
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