Overdue Updates

The past few weeks have been rather crazy; with snow days (which I didn’t miss while we were in Sunny Southern California); the Machine Maintenance module in class, and working on drafting (a seemingly never-ending portion of the course), there hasn’t been much time to make updates; but here we are.

I finished the Windsor Chair Project.  It is very satisfying to be able to have a finished product at the workbench that I use every day and to be able to look at it and say “I made that.”  Right on the heels of the completion there was the Machine Maintenance.  That was an interesting and in-depth look at all of the machinery that one would find in a standard woodworking shop; the joiner, the thickness planer, the table saws, band saws, mortising machines, and drill presses.  We tore them down to bare bones, cleaned, lubricated, and then ensured that all settings were correct on them all.  Matt Wajda (Cabinet and Furniture Graduate in 1990) lead us through these evolutions and not only taught us how to maintain the machines, but also what to look for when buying and setting up our own shops.  
I also had my instructor review and final evaluation for my Shaker Nightstand; which went well.  As that is now completed, Lance Patterson set up the piece and took a professional portfolio picture.  I now have a portfolio…something that I never imagined.  There is a separate tab on the main page where you can find that picture.
Finally, to wrap up a very busy week, I completed the hardest draft that we are likely to encounter; the dreaded Desk on Frame.  In this piece there are 200 individual pieces that must be drafted with laser precision.  While it is not the final draft that we have to produce, it is the hardest and the one that serves as a “right of passage” from the fundamentals portion of the course.  It is truly a relief to have that one completed.
Now for the pictures…
Windsor Chair – completed finish

Shaker Nightstand – Walnut and Poplar; Shellac and Milk paint finish; photo by Lance K. Patterson
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