Toolbox Project Progress

Now that I’m back at my bench again, I was able to make some pretty good progress on my toolbox.  The panels are all flattened and all of the machine marks are removed by hand planing, it’s time to lay out and cut the dovetails that will join the sides of the carcase.

Two panels are for the top and bottom, and two for the sides.  Each is made up of three boards glued into a panel in such a way that the grain runs continuously around the carcase.

The shoulder lines for the pins and tails are scribed using a marking gauge.

Laying out the pins on the left and right side of the case taking the measurements from my full-scale drawing using dividers and the angles are marked using the bevel gauge.
Pin layout completed.

Cutting the pins takes a steady hand and a lot of focus.
Once the pins are cut with a dovetail saw, the waste had to be chopped out with a chisel.  Like cutting with the saw, this takes a lot of patience, focus, control, and a very sharp chisel.

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