Toolbox Project Progress

After the pins are cut and pared perfectly square, the pin board is clamped to the tail board and the shapes of the tails transferred.  This ensures a perfect alignment of the joint.

The tail boards are clamped into the vice and sawn.

The waste is first removed with a coping saw, then pared with a chisel to leave crisp tails.

The dados are run on the table saw; these will house the drawer divider frames.

Every glue up starts with a dry fit to ensure that the joinery is good and that the case is square.

Everything gets stacked with scraps of wood, called stickers, whenever it is going to be left.  This ensures even moisture exchange with the environment keeping wood movement to a minimum.

A final dry fit before glue up.

The glue up.  I use liquid hide glue as it is stronger than yellow wood glue, and in the case that the piece needs to be repaired, the joint can be “reversed” by adding moisture and heat to the glue.

Next up is to construct the drawer divider frames, an accurate layout helps ensure success.

Before the completed frames can be fitted, the corners have to have the waste from the table saw chiseled out.

The frames are fitted to the case with a handplane.

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  1. Wow this is going to be beautiful! I saw that the Shakers would make an unbelievable toolbox to show off their carpentry skills…I always thought that was a great idea!


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