Toolbox Project Progress – Almost Done

Test fitting the drawer divider frames
The vertical divider between the top two drawers has to be cut and hand fit
Once the divider is cut to length and a dado cut into the two frames to receive it, the divider has dovetails cut and it is clamped in place to scribe the location of the socket holding it in place. This divider not only separates the drawers, it also prevents the frames from warping

Laying out the pins for the drawers

Cutting and paring the pin board

Dry fitting the drawers
And also the bottom
The lid is a frame and panel, these are the members which comprise the frame

Cleaning up the field on the raised panel
Test fit for the lid
I am using vintage hardware for the drawer pulls, they were pretty well used and needed some help; fortunately, I learned a lot about polishing brass while I was in the Navy
The drawers and lid fitting in their locations
The drawer pulls had to be mortised into the drawers

Completed frame and panel lid fit; a full mortise lock secures the lid in place
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