Summer fun

One of the best things about taking this summer program is the opportunity to work very closely with an instructor who has a very small class.   I am taking full advantage of this.   Before the summer semester began, I spoke with Eli and told him of my goals to hone my skills and to learn some new ones, and he is challenging me which is advancing my skills greatly.

One of the exercises that I wanted to undertake was to shape a cabriole leg.   We first worked out a pattern that had the right shape, this is transferred to the leg blank.  The foot and ankle are turned on the lathe, then the shape is cut out on the bandsaw.  This can be tricky because the waste cut away on one face has to be taped back on in order to have a stable surface on the saw table.  This is where I left off before the holiday weekend.   

This week I will fair all of the surfaces perfectly flat in order to begin shaping the leg.

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