Toolbox Project  – Completed 

After spending a great deal of time achieving the perfect finish that I wanted on this tool chest, I finally got it.  

This chest is modeled after the one my grandfather built when he first started his career as a wooden boat builder in 1939; to include the flush-mounted drawer pulls and the color (1937 Standard Navy light gray #5).  

Getting the color match itself was a fair challenge.   The original chest was painted with the paint Grampy Holt would have had near to hand at the time,  and which is not commonly available now,  but after several phone calls,  reading archived Navy Ships Technical Manuals, and specifications for the types of boats he worked on at Southwest Boat,  I was able to pinpoint the actual color.   The next challenge was to find someone who could mix the color (minus the lead as that seems to have fallen out of favor), but with the help of an old paint locker custodian at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard and my local Sherwin Williams,  I was able to obtain the result I wanted.

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