A New Semester, a new adventure

The summer session has ended and as I start the 3rd Semester, I look forward to a busy but exciting term.

Over the summer I was able to meet the goals that I had set out for myself.  As well as completing the required Shaker Nightstand and Cabinet on Stand Project, I improved my hand-work skill, my turning skill, and made a sample Cabriole leg.  I also crafted a small table base for a friend who is turning the top into a tabletop cribbage board and reproduces two legs for a 100 year old butcher block.

Following the close of the session, we had 9 days off which were spent finishing the trim inside and outside the shop, purchasing and installing the 14 inch bandsaw that I needed as well as the new bench grinder to keep everything tuned up, and also in building a shaving horse for making Windsor chairs.  It sounds like a lot and it was quite busy, but we still tool time to spend together as a family, by far the most enjoyable part, and quite precious as my school schedule keeps us like two ships passing in the night.

This semester will likely see us complete a candlebox  (a minor project, but another large portion of our grading and assessment of our hand work and craftsmanship), as well as the completion of a tripod table.  As with all of the new undertakings so far, I am quite excited!

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