Table Project completed and shown

After spending a great deal of time taking the flawed finish off of the table, I finally achieved the color and sheen that I had wanted originally.  I learned a lot about working with dye stains and application of that on varying types of wood.  In the end, the troubles that I had were definitely opportunities to learn about a new finish method. 

I was quite honored that even while I was fussing the finish, my table was selected to represent student work at the Pawtucket Fine Furnishings show this past weekend.  Going to that show gave me the chance to show my work, represent the school and the Cabinet and Furniture Making Department,  and talk with other makers about their work and their business in general.  I found, to my delight, that all the makers that I talked with were very encouraging and willing to share tips on running a small shop successfully.   That alone was worth the trip!

Here are some pictures of the final result.

Displayed in the North Bennett Street School Booth

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