Visit to the Fruitlands Museum 

The Fruitlands Museum partnered with North Bennet Street School Cabinet and Furniture Making Department staff and alumi to present an exhibit called “Conversations in Craft” and our department took a trip where we were given an exclusive behind the scenes look at the display, the buildings, and the collections.  
Not only are the pieces which were produced for the exhibition wonderful and masterfully made, but I was able to explore some original Shaker works up close.  This was truly a delight to me as I find that style appealing for furnishing our home as well as for inspiration for my own work.   The Shaker ideal of “beauty in simplicity” is as fitting in a modern setting as it was when it was built.

These photos,  while not the greatest as the buildings themselves are closed off for the season and therefore the lighting was minimal, show some of the pieces that I viewed.

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