2017 – The Year in Review

Reflecting on everything that happened in the past year and looking through projects that I worked on, I am truly amazed at the year 2017 was!  Going into the year, my class had just finished our first project, the Shaker Nightstand,  and moving from the fundamentals of fine woodworking into incrementally more complex and challenging pieces.  We completed a Windsor Chair, our Toolboxes, took three field trips to study historical pieces, and finished both table and chair piece requirements.

I was also struck by the memory of my fist visit to the department where the drafts, toolboxes, and various pieces of student work seemed so far beyond my reach and skills; yet by now, some of those beautiful pieces have been made by my hands. 

In addition to the protects at school,  we have built and completely outfitted the shop here which is now functional and only missing those tools at the school. 

Here are some pictures taken throughout the year:

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