Footstool Project

One of the projects that I have been looking forward to since the beginning of school is what is known as the Georgian Footstool Project. This project consists of creating a footstool with four different legs representative of the Georgian furniture period; specifically a pad foot, a slipper foot, a trifid or Drake’s foot, and a ball and claw foot. There is also an carved shell applied to the rail between the trifid and ball and claw legs.

Each leg develops skills built upon the lessons of the previous one and new skills are introduced. The instructor for this class is Steve Brown, who studied actual period pieces and modeled his drawings on those legs using the methods of the original cabinetmakers. The pad and slipper feet are representative of legs typically made in New England and are classified as Queen Anne legs. The trifid and ball and claw legs are classified as Chippendale legs and represent those made in Philadelphia.

This project has been very challenging for me but learning and practicing these new skills has been extremely gratifying I am constantly amazed at the work that comes from my hands and tools. Below are some pictures taken of my progression.

Shell carving on the trifid leg

Detail of trifid foot
Applied shell carving

Dry fitting the joinery
Carving the ball and claw foot

Pad foot shaped
Slipper foot blank
Leg blanks before shaping
Slipper foot shaped
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