Footstool Project Finished

As with all good things, they must come to an end. I have been looking forward to this project since I visited North Bennet Street School and saw one in the finish room, although I didn’t think that I would ever be able to make one as it was “completely beyond my reach and skill.” The truth of it is that the instructors take you, step by step, from the very beginning in drafting, sharpening, and basic hand exercises, then build on those skills one by one until you can make something like this.

I do have to say that my instructor and mentor through this project ( who showed amazing patience such that would make Job envious) was incredible; answering questions and showing me not just how, but why things are done in a certain way, and that is why this came out the way it did. Thank you, Steve Brown.

I’ll post the official photos later after Lance takes them, but now, it’s on to my final requirement for graduation, the case piece.

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