The end of one chapter

As all good things must, my time at the North Bennet Street School is fast coming to an end. It is so hard to believe that two short years ago I arrived possessing only the most rudimentary woodworking skills and an idea to build furniture that people would be proud to display in their homes. Having recently retired from 20 years’ service and feeling as if I had lost touch with who I was as a person. I was struggling to figure out who I was and what I was supposed to be doing post-service. Thanks to the support of my family, the exceptional staff, and members of Class CFM ’18, I found that I am a Craftsman, a Cabinetmaker, and that I have the ability to make something that will have meaning and value to those who see my work.

This is a particularly bittersweet time for me as studying with my class and developing the skills necessary to the Cabinetmaker’s trade has been a personally transforming journey. I have made friends that will no doubt last a lifetime. As I get ready to graduate and “go live” with a page on this site for commissioning work, I truly feel that I am ready to meet those challenges.

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