From the Bench

Graduation has come and gone; now I find myself in new territory – that of the small business owner working on my own projects, on my own schedule, and in my own shop.  I have to admit that today was more like being on a break from school or on leave from the Navy rather than a new type of lifestyle; I think that it will take a while to adjust.

I am fortunate that I am starting out my business with some jobs already lined up; and as with any project, the first step is creating the drafts, procedure, and lumberyard trip; all of which I hope to be able to finish this week in conjunction with the few remaining things to get the Shop completed and a few on the business side.  Happily, this first project is in my comfort zone, a Shaker inspired chest of drawers.  As this is my first project outside of the direct supervision and guidance of the North Bennet Street School staff, I feel a bit of relief that it is a style with which I am completely at home.

So, with pencil in hand, and Lance’s voice in my mind, I sit down to the Drafting board…




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