A New Chapter, A New Beginning


As difficult as this is to admit, the fact is that I have become an alcoholic. This was a slick slope from casual use to daily use to nearly constant use. Now, I’m not preaching, this is not the platform for that, nor am I condemning those who decide to use alcohol responsibly; this is simply a statement that I went from one extreme to the other. That being now said and in the open, I beg your forgiveness, Dear Reader, to allow me to post, in a new category, my journey to Sobriety.

Right now, as I sit here at the keyboard, I am on ABSOLUTE day 3. I might try to find some counter to add to the blog that counts the days but not in an overy way, just a simple day count. More on that if I can find it. But, in agreement with my wife Wendy, I am from here on out going to be totally transparent; and that starts with this post.

I am working a program that very closely mirrors my own spirituality, it is called Celebrate Recovery, and working it very intensely. If you choose to follow this particular thread, you will see my progression;

Take care, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and I remain, as always,



6 thoughts on “A New Chapter, A New Beginning

  1. You did a very brave thing and I’m so proud of you. I have family that has struggled with alcoholism and it takes a lot to admit you need help. Prayers for you and the family. Merry Christmas!


  2. I will pray for you every day. It isn’t easy but you got this.


  3. You may not be blood, but you ARE family. You need me, call me.


  4. You have all the support in the world and good to know you are well and have a handle on things. God bless and Merry Christmas.


  5. Scott,
    Forgiveness comes from within, you need to forgive yourself. Those of us that know and love you do so because you are a kind and decent human being, a loving father, son, husband and friend. None of us are perfect, none of us expect you to be perfect. To admit you have a problem is not easy for anyone. Your road ahead will be hard, but please know you have a huge support group praying for you and your family. We all love you, and hope you know you are not in this
    alone. Call me anytime, Mom


  6. You accomplished a major step! As we discussed in your shop keep the faith and don’t be hard on the one that you’re working on. We can sometimes be harder on ourselves than any employer could ever be.
    Congratulations keep it up ! You know where we are.


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