Help to other Woodworkers


There is one thing in this community that is absolutely fantastic… that is the fact that we all seem to help each other.

Today I Zoomed with a craft woodworker who is making items relating to his religion; despite the fact that his tradition and mine are completely at odds and have been for years, we collaborated and shared, laughed, and just generally had a good time even though our shops are distanced…

That, my friends, is the absolute spirit of Craftsmanship… maybe the rest of the world will catch on…

Until later my friends,

Be nice to each other, it costs nothing and yields great dividends…


2 thoughts on “Help to other Woodworkers

  1. Indeed it does.


  2. Scott is amazing!! As a beginner woodworker, I had a very specific question related to speeding up my sanding process and Scott had a simple solution that will save me hours and hours. I highly recommend him as a resource for woodworking questions and techniques. -Jon


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