Glass Top Parson’s Table

This project came to me via search of Custom Furniture Makers near me and was especially interesting as I had never worked with mixed media (e.g., inlaying a glass top) before.

There were a few issues with the build; first, we wanted to keep the lines of the table slim and decided to go with 2″ square legs and aprons. After a catastophic failure of the table frame when adding a 400 lb piece of glass, we decided that 3″ square legs and aprons was the way to go. Each project teaches me a lesson; this one was no different. But in the end, the table was solid, asthetically pleasing, and gave me a sense of satisfaction that I was able to overcome adversity while maintaining a positive attitude!

Here are some pictures of the build.

Initial fit of the joinery on the 2″X 2″ frame
Cutting in the rabbit (rebate) for the glass on the 2″ x 2″ frame
The catostrophic failre of the 2″ X 2″ frame
Clamping up the improved and strengthened 3″ X 3″ frame
Final fitting of the glass
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