Commissioning a Piece

The decision to commission a piece of furniture or custom woodwork is a daunting one. You are considering making a long term investment in a piece of work which will become a family heirloom for generations to come.

The process begins with a conversation about the specific piece. I will create a quick pencil concept sketch and provide a basic estimate of the cost of the piece. If this estimate is accepted, a complete working drawing is created and a quotation provided. Once the quotation is accepted and returned, a 10% deposit allows me to schedule the piece for production. Two weeks prior to commencement of the project, a 30% deposit is required; another 30% is due once construction is completed and a review has been conducted with the maker and the customer. The final payment is due upon completion and prior to delivery.

If shipping or delivery is required; a separate estimate and agreement will contain those details. Shipping costs are not included with construction of the piece.

To commission a piece, contact us here.

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