The Process

Each piece of heirloom quality furniture or custom woodwork is carefully hand crafted using traditional techniques and methods taking the needs and desires of the client into consideration.

The first step in the design process is to create a concept sketch. This rough drawing allows me to work out proportions and balance. After this is competed to my satisfaction, the working drawings are drawn. I draw each by hand and this is where details such as joinery, stock needed, and any hardware are determined.

Taking the stock list from the drawing, I head to a lumberyard and select the stock necessary for the project. This is then rough milled and allowed a few days to acclimate to the conditions of my shop to reduce problems with wood movement during the build.

The next step is to finish mill stock and glue up any panels needed.

All the joinery is hand cut which not only allows me to work each joint to exact fit, but also means that each piece will have its own distinctive fingerprint rather than a mass produced feel.

Once the building is completed, I apply an appropriate finish, again by hand, to bring out the beauty and ensure the lasting quality of the piece.

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